All massages are including lingam (penis) massage

Shorter tantric massages are for your laid-back feeling, relaxation and pleasant enjoyment. Longer-lasting massages can have healing effects, give more energy, go deeper and can bring a mystical experience with connection to your own body, soul and sexuality. 

Tantra massage can tend not only for the enjoyment of the sensuality and sexuality of one's own body, but also as a mental therapy.

Massages can be combined in various ways.


90 minutes / 3000 Kč (130 euro) 

Relaxing tantric massage. It is a massage focused more on the sentience of touches and tantra energy. It is suitable for anyone who wants to relax and "turn off" his head. And also for those who don’t know exactly what tantra massage is and would like to know it first.


Tantric-erotic massage / 120 minutes / 4000 Kč (160 euro)

Very sensual massage that combines elements of tantric and erotic massage. It is aimed at awakening pure excitement, erection and is led to ejaculation. It is a more intense sexual stimulus and full body massage, yet it is still conscious and felt by the tantric touch. It brings a strong erotic experience and deeper blessedness. After prior arrangement can also include prostate massage.


Intuitive custom massage / 150 minutes / 4500 Kč (180 euro)     

With this length of massage, there is space for a wider range of touches and greater sensitivity. It is more varied, more energizing. The massage combines elements of different styles, such as sports massages, Hawaiian massages, reconditioning massages, Ayurvedic massages and tantra-erotic massages. Guided by intuition, it is tailored to meet your current needs. It can be a very deep and intense experience.


180 minutes / 6000 Kč (250 euro)

Massage for real hedonists. There is much more larger space for improvisation, combination of more massage techniques and also for deeper emotional openness. I massage with my whole body. After prior agreement prostate massage can be included in the massage at this length.