About me

I was born in 1977.

Tantra is science and game together for me. It fascinates me how we can explore to a depth of ourselves, our gentleness, purity and naturalness. It's beautiful. I perceive sex as a great gift. Pleasure and delight lead us to other dimensions of consciousness and perception. If these experiences are supported by love, if sexuality is connected with heart, it reveals the secrets of our existence. We are absolutely unique and free, we have unlimited possibilities.

I love working with sexual energy, I love touches, caring of the others. I feel a deep empathy, I can see the paintings inside our souls. I'm very open, but I still live my own truth. Everyone is different. Each of us require totally unique and personal approach in a certain stage of his life. I give what I feel that I have to give.

I play tennis, soccer and I run.

I am vegan.

With love and respect for life...