Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is about sexual energy, relaxation of the whole body, mind. About pleasure, sensuality. About Self-knowledge.

It is full of open intimacy sharing. About dipping in your own real Nature.

It´s about the nakedness of both of us. Nudity is here a symbol of our Purity. We can put aside all our masks and turn over to the pure Being.

Being who we are. Without restraint, worries, shyness. It´s about Acceptance.

It is a sensual full body massage. Very perceptive, tender, wild, unrestrained… full of gentle and passionate touches.

It awakens sexual energy in the body. It lifts it up from the lower centres and extends it throughout the body. Where it is needed. It is a moment of giving and receiving. 

It also includes massage of intimate places, lingam (penis), and prostate. 

We let flow everything freely, we go into the flow, into the connection

Ejaculation is not the target here. But it can also happen. We do not obstruct, we perceive and follow the flow of energy.

You will get into the pure experience of your Being.

Time and space disappear…