Tantric Massage Teaching

I teach tantra massages to individuals, couples and groups up to 6 people. I teach in my space, but I can also come to you. The course includes theory, practical demonstration and complete massage.



We learn either together or with the helper.

Teaching one-to-one I teach you touches, rituals, initial relaxation and intimate massage techniques on me. Part of the program is a massage for you. At the end of the course you can try to massage me.

Cena: 10 000 kč / 400 euro

While teaching with the helper I teach you all about him. I guide you through the art of pampering and care, techniques, breathing and the whole composition of massage.

The duration of the course is 2 days. In the week or weekend. You can stay to sleep.



For partners (possible also for friendly couples)

I’ll teach you rituals, new approach to your own’s, touches, perception, breathing and sharing of the energy. I’ll give a massage each of you so that the other can watch and learn, join and try.

The whole lesson will take 2 days. Doesn ́t matter if in the week or weekend.

You can stay to sleep.

Cena: 13 000 kč / 520 Eur